Company Message

Toyodenso engages in a variety of business activities across the entire group all grounded in the TEC philosophy. Through our work, we emphasize the spirit of our philosophy and endeavor to positively affect various stakeholders by actively fostering communication between our customers across the world and our employees.
Toyodenso's philosophy is entrenched in the nine underlying themes of Corporate Governance, Compliance, Risk Management, the Environment, Quality, Purchasing and Procurement, Health and Safety, Social Activities, and Human Resources Development. We believe it is our social responsibility as a global manufacturer to carry out the corporate activities that are trusted by our various stakeholders.
Toyodenso will take on all challenges in order to live up to the trust and expectations brought upon us as a global company with our corporate message of "Racing toward the limitless future, full of aspirations.“

TEC Philosophy

Toyodenso's TEC Philosophy is comprised of our Corporate Philosophy, Management Philosophy, and Principles of Conduct.
With this philosophy, we share our value system with all employees working in the Toyodenso group, with it as the standard for all conduct.

Corporate Philosophy

To provide customers from all over the world with products that we are passionate about through the use of fascinating technologies and contribute to the development of the future of society.

Management Philosophy

  1. 1.Spread products that customers love all around the world.
  2. 2.Be a company that employees can be proud to work for.
  3. 3.Be a company that society approves of.

Core Behavior

Always have high aspirations and be global, be active, and be speedy

Philosophy Development Keywords

The TEC philosophy has been further expanded into important vocabulary through philosophy development, and has become utilized as the standard for all employees, as well as to evaluate personnel.

Philosophy Development Keywords

Toyodenso Sustainability Management

Toyodenso Sustainability Management