Basic Policy

Toyodenso appointed a Compliance Officer from among our directors to lead us forward on the path of a company with the highest respect for regulatory compliance and to further build trust with society and our customers. Under the Compliance Officer's guidance, Toyodenso consolidated the company-wide areas of compliance policies, compliance, and corporate ethics and established a structure for internal control centered on the efforts of each organization in the group (enactment of a Code of Conduct, implementation of self-inspection, etc.), creating a system to promote a systematic approach to compliance and risk management by each organization. In addition, the Internal Audit Department is committed to effective auditing of each organization’s business operations.

Compliance System

Corporate Ethics Committee

The Corporate Ethics Committee consolidates compliance policy decisions for the entire group and all areas of compliance and corporate ethics company-wide to respond to crucial individual projects quickly and fairly.

Establishment of the Audit Department

The Audit Department conducts regular audits on business operations to improve internal control.

Establishment of a Business Ethics Improvement Proposal Line

A contact line was established where employees can offer proactive improvement proposals, opinions, concerns, or questions regarding conduct within the company that is or may be in violation of the law, governmental regulations, or company regulations or contrary to our corporate ethics.

Commitment to Compliance

Elimination of Anti-social Forces

We hold compliance management to the highest regard and recognize as a matter of course that our conduct as a member of society should not be contrary to the law, regulations, or ethical behavior.
From the perspective of compliance and in light of our sense of justice and good sense, we believe that it is unacceptable to maintain a relationship with any anti-social forces directly contrary to such recognition.

Conflict Minerals Regulation and Toyodenso

The purchase and use of minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo and the surrounding areas are a source of funding for armed groups. Because purchasing such conflict minerals makes the purchaser complicit in the human rights violations occurring in such conflict areas, Toyodenso will continue to demand that we as well as our suppliers will not procure minerals from these areas.

Put and End to Violations of Laws and Internal Regulations through the Establishment of Business Ethics Improvement Proposal Line

Compliance with the law and internal regulations is a primary concern of Toyodenso. We absolutely cannot permit conduct contrary to the law or our internal regulations. With the establishment of the Business Ethics Improvement Proposal Line along with checks and balances, we strive to put and end to such noncompliance.

Business Ethics Improvement Proposal Line Employee Handouts

Business Ethics Improvement Proposal Line Employee Handouts

Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Toyodenso has announced a statement about slave labor and human trafficking based on the British Modern Slavery Act.

>Statement for slavery and Human trafficking