Basic Policy

In the event a natural disaster (an earthquake, typhoon, snow damage, flood, etc.) is predicted or an explosion, fire, or the like occurs, we shall follow our disaster prevention plan and manage maintenance (recovery) in order to ensure prompt restoration of functionality (production) and continue business under the basic principle of not interfering with the safety of human life, secondary disaster prevention (minimization of damage), and the local community

Our Efforts

Commitment to Disaster Response

Disasters are ranked in three disaster levels with response being made according to the level.
Level I (Site), Level II (Respective Departments), Level III (Company-wide)

Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Toyodenso is committed to minimizing damage without interfering with the production of our customers.

Personal Information, Confidentiality, and Other Information Management

Toyodenso has established a Confidentiality Committee and is working to bolster information management throughout the year in order to properly manage company information and the protection of personal information of our customers and employees.

Disaster Prevention Structure

Disaster Prevention Structure