We have been manufacturing electrical components that can be considered to be the “nerves” of cars since our founding in 1947.
We focus most of our attention and efforts on research and development in order to have Toyodenso- which uses the TEC logo as their symbol- gain even higher ratings globally.

Toyodenso’s Strength

We continuously provide new products that gracefully combine people and vehicles together through innovative technologies.

Toyodenso’s Strength 3categories In-house Coating Ability:18,000,000coats 16locations worldwide

Advancement and Development(R&D)

We collect information related to mobility and
conceptualize it to bring to life products that the next generation will want.

Production Technology

The pursuit of highly innovative ways of thinking and new technologies
this is where the unlimited amount of TEC-made creative innovations come from.


Location Information

Since its foundation in 1947 Toyodenso has expanded its network not only within Japan, as well as other Asian nations, but also to North America.