The reason we are the way we are is because we are very thorough. Through our many years of experience developing products ,we have come to understand how things will be used inside vehicles as well as the context surrounding them; we provide products that are shaped just right and make drivers and passengers feel like they are really part of the operation when they interact with them.


We don’t just look at mobility design trends- we also make efforts to both know about and understand design trends from other fields such as housing and consumer electronics. The research that we gain from these studies is fused into our car interior models every day. We endeavor to have a thorough knowledge about the raw materials and traits of our products as well as making proposals to put them to use precisely because we handle products that are interfaced between humans and mobility.


We look at the things that are changing related to cars such as self-driving automobiles, environmental issues, and IoT- these things create an idea of how car interiors should be, and we develop products by focusing on the relationship between people and their vehichles.