The environment that surrounds cars is evolving at an unprecedented speed. We anticipate what the automotive society is going to become and by collaborating with other industries, we have started proposing user interfaces with methods of operation and operation feeling that use cutting-edge technologies that have never been used inside car interiors before.


We set up open spaces called "collaboration rooms" in which we create environments that go beyond the boundaries of the industry, hold workshops, and can easily share ideas. Our ideas are enriched by collaborating with other industries. We aim to develop innovative products that have never existed before.


We instantly actualize our ideas through the use of 3D printers and make improvements quickly. We can check products by actually looking at and touching them to find out things about them that we could not understand from graphs and data- such as the difference in how it feels to operate different products due to their shapes. We can immediately improve things by using the printer and it allows us to increase development speeds by a great degree as well as actively communicate with collaborating industries.