Message from President and CEO/Corporate Philosophy

President and CEO Kiyoshi Koide

Returning to the Founding Spirit, and Striving to be a Company that Contributes to Society

Toyodenso has been passionately providing products since its establishment in 1947. In November 2022, we were able to celebrate our 75th anniversary. This achievement is solely thanks to the support of our customers and business partners, and we sincerely express our gratitude once again.

The global socio-economic situation has undergone dramatic changes, and the automotive industry is in the midst of significant transformation represented by CASE. In light of these circumstances, we have recently redefined our corporate philosophy, reaffirming the importance of the "wa" (harmony) spirit that we have cherished since our founding. We have also clearly articulated our commitment to boldly challenge the era of change.

Moving forward, we will continue to earnestly strive to be a company that contributes to the future society. We humbly ask for your continued guidance and support.

Thank you all for your ongoing support.

Corporate Philosophy

Harmony is the key to our philosophy
With safe and reliable technology,
Products inspired from our dream,
We will contribute to the society of the future.

Our Goals

VISION: Contribute to the future society

It is said that there are five levels of human needs.
The highest level of desire is "self-actualization.
It is no exaggeration to say that people work tirelessly day after day to fulfill their desire for self-actualization.

Toyodenso also has a desire, or vision, that we wish to realize.
That vision is to "contribute to the future society."
We are making daily efforts to realize this vision.
There are three pillars that support these efforts: "SPIRIT," "VALUE," and "MISSION."

We always keep these three pillars in mind as we strive to realize our VISION.


SPIRIT: The spirit of "Harmony" to be cherished

"Harmony" has many meanings.
Harmony with fellow workers.
Harmony created with a smile.
Sustainable, meaning harmony with society.
Harmony that is created when each of us respects each other.
And harmony in which we help each other.

We value every type of harmony.


VALUE: The value and strengths we promise

Reliable and trustworthy technology

  • Comprehensive technical capabilities from shaping the product form to final assembly, demonstrating a reliable craftsmanship.
  • A global presence with 15 locations, ensuring a supply system closely aligned with customer needs.
  • Proactive pursuit of self-transformation in response to the significant changes in the current automotive industry.

MISSION: Mission to be fulfilled every day

Providing products full of dreams

Various technologies are evolving day by day, and the needs of customers and users are increasing.
The automotive industry is evolving at an ever-increasing pace.
However, our desire is always the same: to bring smiles to the faces of our customers, users, and all stakeholders with our products.