Advancement and Development(R&D)

Creating New Spatial Value


Mobility moves to the next stage
Creating new value

We are evolving core elemental technologies to prepare for the new era of mobility, We are promoting planning and development with a view to creating new value in the interior space of vehicles.

Verification of HMI x Spatial Value


Optimal for the times
Pursuit of space/operation

HMI products for mobility require instant recognition, intuitive operation, and optimal feeling.
We aim to develop products that make users feel safe and secure.

Global Development


Cooperative development that takes advantage of each location
Responding to diversity needs

We have bases in North America, Europe, and Asia, where we collect information on market trends, laws, and regulations in a timely manner. We have established a forum for information sharing among our bases and reflect this information in our product development.

WDS【Wellbeing Designing Solutions】


Contributing to the future society
Creating new value

We aim to contribute to the society of the future by providing new value that transcends the boundaries of mobility and pursues the user's point of view. We aim to contribute to the society of the future by providing new value to the world from the user's point of view.

Development System


One step ahead.
Digitalization of the development process creates the future

Aiming to develop environmentally friendly products, we build our own development technology capabilities and support development sites while utilizing tools such as MBD and CAE analysis.