Technology and Development

The evolution of TEC World
making highly-reliable technologies for the global market

We have been manufacturing electrical components, for the nerve center of the the car, since our founding in 1947.
With the TEC logo as our symbol, we are focused on research and development for global expansion.  

Toyodenso’s Strength

We continuously provide new products that gracefully combine people and vehicles together through innovative technologies.


Reliable manufacturing capabilities

Integrated technology
from molding to assembly


Locally integrated supply system

16 global locations


An attitude of pursuing innovation

to adapt to changes in the automotive industry

Design and Development

We aim to realize a comfortable cabin space based on the concept of human-centered design.

Advancement and Development(R&D)

We create new value for the next generation to create better lifestyles for users.

Production Technology

The pursuit of highly innovative ways of thinking and new technologies
this is where the unlimited amount of TEC-made creative innovations come from.