Information Security Basic Policy

Created Date:01/June/2020
Revised Date:27/June/2024

Toyo Denso Co., Ltd.
Managing Director
Noriharu Takeshita

Toyo Denso Co., Ltd. and its group of companies (hereinafter “the Company”) considers that ensuring information security is one of the important issues in conducting business activities normally and smoothly. For this reason, all employees who belong to our company have a high consciousness of information security and will formulate and promote the Basic Policy on Information Security here as a guideline for action.

  1. Construct a system to continuously maintain and improve information security.
  2. Formulate and comply with regulations to ensure information security.
  3. Conduct appropriate risk assessments to protect information assets from information security threats. In particular, customer information, sales information, technical information, and management information, etc. are considered as important information, and take appropriate security measures to protect such information from risks such as leakage, loss, destruction, and falsification.
  4. Comply with laws and regulations related to information security and contractual requirements with customers, business partners and employees, etc.
  5. Provide appropriate education to employees regarding security management system and try to raise their consciousness.
  6. When an incident or accident related to information security occurs, take immediate measures, analyze the cause, and take measures to prevent recurrence and preventive measures.
  7. Apply penalties based on employment regulations to those who violate this Basic Policy and regulations related to information security.
  8. Review, maintain and improve the Information Security Management System regularly.