Design and Development


Safety, comfort of use


Mechanical Design

One of Toyodenso's strengths lies in our ability to take the ever increasing functions of automobiles and motorcycles and develop layouts that are user friendly and do not compromise the safety of the vehicle.


Optimal Feeling Design

One of Toyodenso's strengths is its mechanism development technology to achieve a higher quality operating feeling.
The placement of controls within the vehcile has a direct impact on the safety of the vehicle. Controls with frequent use during driving must be accessable without distracting from driving. This requires coordination within the cabin space.


Product Evaluation Technology

Switches used in vehicles must operate reliably even in harsh environments. We have testing facilities for various product evaluations in accordance with product applications.
We deliver high-quality products to our customers through repeated testing of prototypes.


Controls that provide safety, security, and comfort to passengers


System Development / System Testing

We propose optimal electronic control systems based on a complete view of the vehicle system, understanding of peripheral devices, user-friendliness and user interface, assembly processes, and services.
The Electronics Development Division drives projects by integrating a wide range of fields, such as developing optimal user interfaces in collaboration with the Mechanism Development Division, and safety design of ECUs.
In addition, the testing division tests products from the user's point of view, taking into account vehicle behavior and usability, to improve systems.


Hardware Development/Hardware Testing

The number of in-vehicle ECUs can range from several to nearly 100. These ECUs are undergoing continuous technological innovations in terms of integration, weight reduction, power saving, and so on.
Toyodenso's understanding of car body systems enables us to propose and optimize hardware design. Furthermore, our strength lies in our integrated in-house development system that handles everything from circuit design and circuit verification to board design, board mounting, and hardware testing.


Software Development/Software Testing

Software is the core technology that enables the various functions of a vehicle. Year after year, the role of software is increasing and its complexity is growing.
In order to maintain high quality software development, we are working on "visualization" of software design to improve development efficiency and quality.
Furthermore, in order to guarantee high quality software, we have strengthened our focus on software testing and continue to work on quality improvement measures as well as software design improvements.

Elemental Technologies


Toyodenso, has numerous mechanical, electrical and software engineers, who collaborate in the creation of "mechatronics," which is a fusion of these fields. We create systems that cannot be realized by each field alone by fusing them together to create new HMIs.
In fact, we are researching various mechatronics products, such as utilizing the click feeling that users find "comfortable" in new electronic devices, and applying it to communication support and various sensors.


Developing products with high durability requires special materials. Toyodenso's products are mainly made of engineering plastics, and a wide variety of resins are employed depending on the model to determine their characteristics. In addition to durability, material selection also has a significant impact on design.
For example, for designs, we use materials that excel in molding, not to mention structural ingenuity, to achieve the design desired by the customer.


The lighting technology used in Toyodenso switches and indicators not only makes the switches recognizable at night, but also enhances the design by minimizing uneven light on the switch symbols. In addition, not only brightness but also color tone is important for switch lighting, which greatly affects visibility during the daytime, and our know-how proves useful in this regard.
Recently, many car models have incorporated lighting to create a sense of space inside the car, and we are working on the development of products that take advantage of our technology.


Our motor control technology, cultivated through the control of power windows and power seats, enables us to optimize design according to vehicle conditions by fully understanding the characteristics of motors. We also possess the technology to ensure safety so that performance can be maintained after durability and over time.
Motors are essential devices not only for future automobiles but also for other industries and social infrastructure. Toyodenso is working on advanced development to apply new motor control technologies to various applications.