Environmental Declaration


In support of the our carbon neutrality goal for 2050, we will actively promote initiatives to address global warming in order to fulfill our corporate social responsibility. We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by steadily advancing our efforts one by one throughout the group, including domestic and overseas offices and subsidiaries.

Toyodenso Group Environmental Declaration

In order to realize "harmony with the global environment" and "harmony with society" embodied in our corporate philosophy of "valuing harmony," and realizing a sustainable society, we will actively work to reduce environmental impact at all stages of our corporate activities.

Toyodenso Group Environmental Action Challenge

Net zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050
As a response to climate change, we aim to achieve the target of limiting the temperature rise to 1.5°C in our corporate activities and in C02 emissions from the perspective of product life cycles.
・2030 milestone: 34% reduction (compared to 2019) 
・2035 milestone: 51% reduction (〃)

100% Sustainable Materials Usage by 2050
As a response to the "efficient use of resources," we will conduct research on material recycling. Beyond our previous efforts to reduce risks related to resources and disposal, we will take on the challenge of developing products using sustainable resources (sustainable materials) that have no environmental impact.


Environmental Management System

The Toyodenso Group has acquired ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management system not only in Japan but also at its bases around the world, and the entire group is working together to continuously reduce its environmental impact.

Environmental Policy in the Environmental Management System

As an environmentally friendly company, Toyodenso Co., Ltd will contribute to future society by reducing environmental concerns during the product life cycle by continuously providing high value added environmentally friendly products to consumers.

Behavior guidelines
1.With regard for the global outlook, natural resources and energy will be used effectively to preserve the earth and prevent global warming.
2.The 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) will be proactively developed to reduce waste material for the promotion of a recycle style society.
3.Eliminate harmful chemicals from products and processes as much as possible to prevent contamination of air, water, soil, etc., and impact on human health and ecosystems.
4.We will identify, obtain up-to-date information on, and comply with environmental laws and regulations, local ordinances, and agreements with suppliers and other parties.
5.We will continue to improve our environmental performance by continuously implementing and improving our environmental program.

Striving to be an environmentally friendly company with an advanced environmental mindset.


Environmental Efforts

Efforts toward carbon neutrality

・Introduction of 100% renewable energy-derived electricity (Kumamoto Plant)
・Reduction of CO2 emissions through the use of LED lighting
・Energy conservation through renewal of aging facilities
・Manage demand by creating visual data for electricity consumption
・Install eco-friendly equipment and operate it to maximum benefit
・Use optimal transportation options for logistics

Reduction of substances that impact the environment

・Environmentally conscious design and development
・Reduce chemical substances inside business sites
・Publish documents detailing our management criteria for products containing chemical substances

A unique environmental preservation activity

The Toyodenso Group strives to conserve the environment and comply with environmental regulations around the world.


Separating resources

Through our global recycling programs we will limit the depletion of natural resources.