Production Technology

Uniform Quality Worldwide


Product Coatings

We have installed the latest coating systems in a uniform fashion in Japan as well as each of the production sites. We have been able to make all of the production sites have the same level of quality and stable production. This was done by standardizing the tools we use and by making sure the color mixing recipes of the coats checked in Japan match each other. We then transfer over the coating program that was refined and approved in Japan. In addition to this we also provide training for the technicians at our locations, as well as our coating technical support locations, every year in order to improve coating techniques and to maintain quality.


Laser Coating and Peeling

We uniformly installed the latest laser systems in Japan and each of the production sites. We have been able to make all of the production sites have the same level of quality and stable production by standardizing the tools we use and by transferring over the laser processing data that was refined and approved of in Japan. In addition to this, we also provide training for the technicians at our locations and laser technology support locations every year in order to improve the laser techniques and to maintain quality.


Mounting Electronic Circuit Boards

State of the art surface mounting technology allows us to produce quality circuit boards for our products. In order to maintain quality, we use a machine that inspects images and examines what state the printer is in as well as component mounting accuracy. In addition, thanks to our years of experience, the mounting device can create things optimally and automatically and aim for optical quality and efficiency. Furthermore, we focus on changing points by comparing an abundance of data that has been built up and we aim for optimal traceability.


Making Molds

For newly developed products, we collaborate globally to establish molding conditions and conduct precision inspections. We produce a wide variety of molded products, from small to large-sized precision molded products, using high-performance electric molding machines at each of our bases. In addition, in order to improve plastic molding technology for the same quality, we provide training for engineers at each base and molding technology support, and are working on technological development to efficiently produce high quality and more stable molded products.



Various Automation

We use various industrial robots, including articulated robots, to automatically assemble products and inspect their functions and performance on the assumption that they are actually in use, thereby realizing high quality and stable production.


IGC Winding Line

This installation constructs fully-automatic winding lines and makes high-grade winding coils by connecting the parts together- like the bobbin supply, the winding coils, and the terminal processes (welding and soldering) inspection all the way to product storage. In addition, the winding coils revolve at 10,000 RPM or faster, the terminals conduct joint processing at set conditions, and each of the components used for external inspections use image processing. It is all completely automated and produces high-quality items in a highly efficient manner.


INPSW Automation

This is a fully-automated line that inspects the function and performance of each INPSW (instrument panel switches) component after assembly using industrial robots, image processing, and various measuring instruments.


Vacuum Potting Line

This installation connects a piston/pump-type high-precision fixed-amount discharging machine, a linear-movement vacuum/injection tank that has measuring devices, a tunnel-type pre-dryer, and a furnace. It creates a fully automatic injection/hardening line and achieves high efficiency and quality when hardening items by using its high-precision resin injections and on-the-dot temperature profiles.

State-of-the-art Production Equipment


Painting Process

With our state-of-the-art painting system, dust and static elimination, painting, and even drying are done automatically in a clean room. The combination of a spindle carrying line system and painting robot working together to achieve a high-efficiency, high-quality paint job while minimizing waste of paint.


Laser Process

The laser system provides high-speed, high-quality paint and coating removal that's tailored to the specific design. Not limited to flat surfaces, the latest in laser equipment also follows the shapes of three-dimensional objects for high-precision removal.


Mounting Process

With a state-of-the-art packaging line in a controlled room, solder supplying, solder printing, image scans of the soldering status, packaging, oven curing, and 3D image scans of the packaging status are automatically carried out. In this general-purpose, high-speed, 3-in-1 multifunctional line, printing, installing components, and position confirmation are all monitored via image scans for an efficient, high-quality process.


Molding Process

"In a controlled indoor temperature environment, we achieve stabilization of the molding process and ensure high quality by utilizing state-of-the-art molding machines, temperature control equipment, and material drying and supply machines. Accurate control of injection speed, pressure, cooling time, and material management contribute to process stability. Additionally, leveraging advanced control and electrification, we have achieved low-pressure molding and improved filling balance through mold design. This enables the molding of multiple parts simultaneously. Furthermore, measures such as addressing warpage and shrinkage issues have been successfully implemented."