Creation of New Value and Contribution to Future Society

Through the activities of WDS (Well-being Designing Solutions), composed of diverse employees, Toyodenso aims to contribute to the future society by providing the world with new values that pursue the user perspective.



WDS stands for "Well-being Designing Solutions" and is a global proposal-based development project team led by diverse employees. The team plans and develops products that incorporate user perspectives and needs, and promotes the results at exhibitions around the world. This project was launched in 2016 in response to a request from a visitor at an auto parts exhibition in Europe who said, "I would like to have more user-friendly products proposed by our supplier, Toyodenso, instead of OEM. We aim to contribute to a more comfortable future society by developing products that deliver wellbeing (harmony and happiness of mind and body) to the market.


WDS is a team consisting of three offices in Japan, China, and North America, with project members being employees from each office. The seven products developed so far have been highly evaluated by customers in each country.



Bringing Value to Society Created through a Process of Ideas and Planning that Reflects Market Needs

At WDS, project team members are responsible for everything from market research to planning, production, and PR activities at exhibitions. Through this approach, not only are users' opinions directly reflected in product development, but also feedback from visitors at exhibitions is utilized to improve products. Through a series of development processes, we aim to gain new discoveries to provide better value and contribute to society. Many of our team members are engineers who are raising children while maintaining a good work-life balance. In addition, other departments besides project members, such as engineers, designers, sales, and quality, also cooperate with each other to realize a flexible management system.

“ニーズに向き合って、寄り添いながら 開発を進めます”